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Creative wedding photographer.

“You are not just looking for a photographer. You are looking for someone you can TRUST.

Someone that will be right beside you on your wedding day but you won’t even see him. Yet will he capture every MOMENT.  Let’s create something special, something PERSONAL together.”
Creative wedding photographer.


I like to call myself a creative wedding photographer. I love to capture people, I love to tell stories of their most special days, capturing emotions, documenting every single moment, so you can smile every time you look at the pictures. If you like modern, reportage style, check the stories I have been a part of…

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Nejc Bole

creative wedding photographer

My name is Nejc. I am story teller. Telling your STORY through my eyes and my camera. Documenting weddings no matter where you take me. I love to travel and visit new places to capture intimate moments and create MEMORIES.  You will see that i love the BEAUTY of natural environments and the intimate moments created between the couples. If you let me be a part of your JOURNEY I will not only be your photographer. I will become your friend.

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Looking forward to longer summer evenings. We'll get there soon. Meanwhile...stay safe!⁠
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Love knows no borders. 🇮🇹🇷🇴🇩🇪🇸🇮
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I think rain boosts my creativity. ⁠
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Coronavirus is all over the place. Media is full of news about it and if I'm honest, I have enough of it. These two didn't know till the last day if t
I don't really know why but I always check the hallway in a hotel or at home where people are getting ready. This places always have something special
A quiet season is great for going through some old shots that were made, for whatever the reason. I think there are so many that weren't published but
There is something about the red lips.⁠
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It's a dirty job and someone's got to do it 😉 ⁠
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