Elopement during the pandemic – San Dorligo

Elopement during the pandemic in San Dorligo della Valle.

Wedding seasson is over. Well I still have one elopement in november, but with the way things are moving, there will probably be no more weddings this year. But nevermind, this post is about the first one of the seasson. The first elopement during the pandemic in San Dorligo della Valle, a small town just outside Trieste in Italy.

The couple was planning to elope in this small town and later have some photos taken in the picturesque valley of Val Rosandra. But as the pandemic Covid-19 was spreading through Europe, they weren’t sure if they would be able to fly to Italy. Well, two days before they had confirmed to me they are in Italy and we can go with the elopement.

Then, the next problem came out…the weather. It was pouring all day long and it was impossible to visit Val Rosandra in that weather. After the ceremony in the small office at the town hall I quickly decided to sit in the car and drive to Slovenia, that is actually just a few minutes away. We were going to take their portraits indoors. And is there a better way to do it if you have a gorgeous greenhouse. And there is one – a botanical garden in Sežana, Slovenia. So we didn’t mind the rain any more.

Just two days later this elopement wouldn’t be possible as all the borders with Italy were closed. And now we still live in this “changed” world trying to get used to everyday changes.



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