Goriska Brda Wedding Photographer

I got invited to an international wedding in Goriska brda as a wedding photographer.  A Slovenian Tuscany as people like to call this area because of the vineyards covered hills.  The ceremony and reception was held at Klinec Plešivo, a family owned bad and breakfast with the most stunning views. Oh, and the food coming from the Uroš’s hands. Mmm… And of course I must not forget Nejka’s organisation.

This was a true love story of a Belgian and Slovenian. When you connect with the couple so relaxed like this two in the first meeting, there is a good chance you will have a great time. And so I did. Had a great time.

Thank you Katja and Benny for for letting me be a part of your story!




goriska brda wedding photographer

Goriska brda international wedding photographer