Intimate wedding at Zemono in Vipava valley

I guess this intimate wedding at Zemono mansion in Vipava valley has to be one of the highlights of this wedding season. There are at least three reasons for that. The wedding itself was nothing special. Only the closest family members were present. But it had this vibe that I can’t describe. There was a lot of laughing and tears on the other hand and full of emotions.

The first reason was of course the couple themselves. These two were almost too nice to be true. From my point of view, they trusted me completely and let me do my work the way I feel it is going to work.

They had this great vision when choosing other vendors. They both looked classy and elegant yet not too tight but relaxed. Her dress was from the magic hands of Croatian designers Envy Room and it couldn’t be a better match with the bride. The elegant make up and hair was done by the local make up and hair artist Tea Bratina.

The second reason was for sure the venue. Zemono mansion is one of the top wedding venues in Slovenia. It is located in the heart of Vipava valley on a small hill among the vineyards. What I like about Zemono is that no matter how big your wedding is, it always looks perfect. The mansion has a great restaurant – Gostilna pri Lojzetu – under the supervision of one of the world’s best chefs Tomaž Kavčič. So you know you can’t miss with the food choice here.

And the third reason was the timing. Yes, the timing or in other words being late. We have planned a portrait session on Nanos plateau at sunset. Nanos offers such beautiful sunsets over the valley. But in the end there were so many emotional speaches at the table that couldn’t be interrupted. So when we sat in the car, the sun was already setting down in the valley. And we had 30 minutes driving to the spot. They have asked me for opinion and I said: “Let’s do it anyway.”

So we have arrived to the location when the sun was gone and it was getting dark already. But that’s when the magic started.

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