Lake Bled wedding photographer

Lake Bled wedding photographer.

Can you imagine, coming from far away, to this small country of Slovenia and seeing  this outstanding turquoise lake with a small island and a church on it? No wonder so many foreigners immediately fell in love with lake Bled. And so was the thing with Yulia when she first came to visit Jure in Slovenia. Coming from Moscow she was used of large spaces and when Jure proposed to her, she wanted to get married at lake Bled, obviously.

So, we have started a day at their new home and than headed to Vila Bled. We took a pletna to get to the island and afterwards they said YES and the Bled Castle. The Castle offers some really stunning views over the lake, that not many venues in Europe can. You don’t believe me! Take a look at those stunning photos.

Lake Bled wedding photographer.

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