Rainy summer wedding in Vipava valley

Rainy summer wedding in Vipava valley.

Hey, it has been a while since my last post here. While writing a blog post on a rainy day I guess it is only fair to write about a rainy summer wedding in Vipava valley. Ursa and Kristjan got married in the June. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of June are long, warm summer evenings. But this time while I was driving to Kobarid where Urša was getting dressed, there was no sight of that. The rain was pouring like crayz.

The power of positive thinking.

Do you believe in the power of positive thoughts? No? Well…this time it worked. The newly weds believed so much that they set up an outdoor ceremony in front of Kromberg castle near Nova Gorica. And while we were taking some photos in the rain in Kobarid, they received a call that the sun came out in Nova Gorica. So yeah, we had a sunny outdoor ceremony.

You need a rain to see a rainbow.

So we were planing our portrait session for the sunset but unfortunately the rain came down again. But then in one moment it stoped and there was a sight of light in the west. We headed right away to the fields just outside of the place where ceremony was held and BANG! The sun just popped out and created this magical atmosphere. Sure, we were muddy but it was worth every mud stain on that wedding dress.

What can I say more? Congratulations to the newly weds and thank you all for reading this post. Enjoy the photos in this love story.

Rainy summer wedding in Vipava valley.

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