Ribnica wedding photographer

Ribnica wedding photographer.
My couples are the best. Period. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. And there is nothing different with Sanja and Domen. I have met Domen years ago with a help of our shared passion – snowboarding. And I am always honored  when people I know contact me to be their wedding photographer. What I love with a couples like this two is the fact they are so easy going. There is no schedule except for the time of the ceremony and this always works out the best as there is no pressure or fear of someone being late. Love it!

Well, the day started at their house where I have also met their best pal Pan. I must admit I have a soft spot for dogs and I so wanted them to include Pan in the day somehow. You all probably know they did, right?

Like said before the day went smoothly and everyone was having a blast at Ugar estate. In addition to a perfect day, we got blessed with this perfect light just as we were driving back from our portrait session. We just stopped in the middle of the road an waited for the sun to set down. Of course the groom treated us with a few beers he took with. Did I mentioned he also crafted and bottled them?

I only have to say thank you Sanja and Domen for having me! I wish you all the best!

Ribnica wedding photographer.

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