Slovenia elopement guide – ultimate guide to your wedding in Slovenia

Slovenia elopement guide

Find your ultimate Slovenia elopement guide here.

Whether you are considering eloping or organising a destination wedding in Slovenia, here you will find the Slovenia elopement guide with all the information needed to get you started. Can you imagine saying “I DO”  in a green country where the Apls meet the Mediterranean? I know you do.

Slovenia has a diversity of landscapes that is an attraction in itself. The country is committed to green and sustainable development that has resulted in the title of the first green tourist destination in the world. But that’s not all, it is gradually drawing the attention of the leading global tourism media, which place its most remarkable features on their lists of top destinations. But besides the most known gems, Slovenia has a lot more to offer. Charming towns, breathtaking mountain views, rivers and valleys from the fairytale, or a lovely countryside. It all depends on you.

slovenia elopement guide

Where is it located?

It is nestled right in the heart of Europe. Between the Alps, the Mediterranean and Panonian plain and it borders to Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. If you have done some research yourself, you have probably noticed the diversity of this country. What is a good thing, this diversity is packed in a small country where you can reach all the destinations within a short car drive. Mountain tops and valleys, seaside, hills covered with vineyards and forests where ever you look.  And it won’t take more than two hours from the capital Ljubljana to reach any part of the country.

How to get there and how to travel?

Slovenia is situated in Central Europe and borders Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It is only a few hour drive away from Venice or Vienna. Slovenia is easily accessible from all neighbouring countries, as it has good road and rail connections, with daily flights from many European cities. Since it is a coastal country, you can also get to Slovenia by sea.

By car.

Most of the cars enter Slovenia by motorways, which is also the easiest way to travel around the country. It is easy to travel the Slovenian roads by car, since they are well and clearly signposted. Although some local roads are narrow and winding, a drive along them is nevertheless pleasant and varied. For driving on motorways, it is mandatory for you to have a vignette.

By Air

In addition to the daily flights to many European cities, there are two low-cost flight providers flying from the main Slovenian international airport Jože Pučnik Ljubljana. They are EasyJet and Wizz Air, flying to London and Brussels. You can also fly to one of the foreign airports in the near vicinity, and access Slovenia from there by bus, train or rental car.

By Train

Trains to Slovenia run daily from many European cities. If travelling by train, it is also possible to ride in a sleeping car. There are only the trains of Slovenian Railways running around Slovenia, with all the timetables and price lists published on the web pages. You can buy a ticket at every railway station as well as on the train. Slovenian trains stick to the timetables.

slovenia elopement guide


When to visit Slovenia?

With its fairytale landscape and unique combination of Mediterranean sun and the snowy Alps, Slovenia makes for a wonderful year-round destination. Summer is the busiest time to visit, but it’s also when you can take full advantage of Slovenia’s lovely lakes, rivers, and Adriatic coastline. Autumn brings stunning foliage and moderate temperatures perfect for hiking. The colder months are snowy and frigid, bringing avid skiers to the mountains in droves.

But if you really want to beat the crowds, go in spring – it’s by far the quietest time of year to explore Slovenia’s natural wonders and charming towns.



Best places to stay in Slovenia.

Slovenia has so much to offer in terms of places to stay, from luxury hotels, Inns to cosy Farm stays.  Or if you’re up for a real adventure, you could consider staying overnight in one of the many mountain huts or even refuges in some of the most remote locations in the Alps. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

You can check some of the finest Airbnbs across the country.


Trip planning resources

Slovenia has a great tourist portal, which can be a great place to start planning and look for recommendations that aren’t the same ones you see over and over again on travel blogs. Also you will find that each major tourist destination has it’s own information center. Here are a couple of websites that are great for trip planning:

slovenia elopement guide


Slovenia elopement guide

Legal marriage ceremonies in Slovenia

Civil ceremonies are recognized as legally binding in Italy. If you are looking to have religious ceremony in Slovenia, you also need a signing of a civil document to make it a legal marriage.  The best thing about the Slovenia is that you do not have to be a Slovenian to get married here. You will, however, need to submit your paperwork a few months in advance to ensure that everything is set for the wedding day.

Most civil ceremonies take place at the local government office but it is often possible to request an outdoor location in some areas too, as long as the local authorities have pre-approved it. You will need a legal approval of an owner of land or property for this reason. The civil wedding ceremony is conducted by the legal registar that can be  accompanied by mayor or another government official in Slovenian language. For couples that don’t speak Slovenian, a translator is required.

However, if you aren’t too fussed about doing all the legal paperwork on the day of your elopement or wedding, you could do like many couples and sort the legal stuff out at home so that you can create a truly personal and unique day.

Can LGBT couples get married in Slovenia.

Yes and no. Unfortunately, Slovenia doesn’t yet recognise marriage equality so LGBTQIA+ couples can’t legally marry here yet, however you can legally sign a partnership relationship. That kind of legal relationship is a relationship between two women or two man that have the same rights and consequences as in a marriage only the partners can’t adopt a child together.

destination elopement in slovenia


If you are planing a traditional wedding, there are several options. Most of the couples choose to have a civil ceremony in one of the local government offices or at a chosen location upon request. Not all of the official government venues are just offices. Most of them are rooms or halls that are used for this purpose. Usually these are placed in some protocolar buildings, mansions or castles. There are really a lot of options.

A lot of couples also request to have a ceremony right at a venue, so there is no need to move for the party afterwords. A ceremony in the nature is also possible if you get the approval from the local government.


If you are a little more adventurous and planing an elopement, there is as many options as you can imagine. Specially if you are choosing not to have your civil ceremony in Slovenia on the same day as your elopement. More couples are also choosing to sign the legal paperwork in their home country before travelling or having the civil ceremony the day before.

Going down this route means that you are free to plan your elopement day exactly as you want, without the restrictions of all the legal stuff. With the legal bit taken care of, the day is free for you to have the best adventure of your lives. If your dream is to hike up a mountain, have a picnic by a crystal clear alpine lake or by the turquoise Soča river and say your vows to one another at sunset, or even sunrise, you can absolutely do that!

You could choose to have a celebrant conduct a ceremony for you in your chosen location, bring your closest friends and family to officiate, or plan a private vow reading with just the two of you. The beauty is that possibilities are endless.

lake bled wedding



With almost infinitive possibilities, there are a few areas that deserve your attention. Some of them are just too important to be missed. Some of them might by crowdy, but if you don’t plan your wedding during the busiest months, you might get lucky and avoid the crowds.

Lake Bled

Bled was nominated one of the seven new wonders of the world. Do you wonder why? It is one of the most recognisable iconic places in Slovenia and therefore the reason most of the foreign couples wish to get married there. You can choose a castle wedding and have your photos with the island in the backdrop. Or you can have a PLETNA, a traditional wooden boat, take you to the island and say your vows there.


weddings in slovenia lake bled weddings


Ljubljana, the capital

Ljubljana is one of the most charming European capitals. It is a green capital of a green country, combining a charm of a small capital and a self-confidence of a large European cities. The most recognisable sight is the castle high above the city, that is also a popular wedding venue. Ljubljana is also a great starting point to discover the sights of Slovenia if you wish to stay longer. But besides Bled it is also crowdy all year long, specially in the summer months.

slovenia elopement guide


With the expand of tourism in Slovenia in the last years it is hard to escape the crowds to have some intimacy if you are planing to visit the most popular places like Bled, Ljubljana or Piran at the coast. But there are ways to beat the crowds if you want some privacy for your elopement. You can visit these locations in the off-season, get to the location at sunrise or search for lest crowded locations. Hiring a photographer who is al local expert (like me) is a good way of finding the hidden gems of locations.

As I spend a lot of time hiking, montainbiking, touring and exploring our little country, I know so many incredible locations to elope. As I keep my absolute favourites secret and only share them with couples that book me, there are also number of areas in Slovenia that are worth to visit and are still underrated in my opinion. Let me share some of this with you.

Soča valley

Soča is probably the most beautiful river in the world. I have traveled a lot, spend a lot of time in the Alps, but I have not seen a river of that colour elsewhere. They call it the emerald river for its emerald green colour. Soča valley is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Europe and thus suitable for the more adventurous couples. Although it can get busy during the summer holiday months you can still find a lot of hidden corners that are really suitable for your your elopement.

slovenia elopement guide soca valley


Goriska Brda

Goriska Brda are geografical area of Soca valley. It is an idyllic land, embedded in the picturesque natural background that offers a wide variety of colours in every season – from the vibrant green, full of pink and white flowers in the spring, to the luxurious shades of orange, yellow, brown and gold in autumn, is becoming one of the most beautiful wedding destinations in Slovenia. Besides the wonderful blossoming background, the Brda region offers pristine joy in local cuisine, the taste of wine and the uniqueness of happy gatherings.

slovenia elopement guide

Vipava valley

I might be a little biased on this one. Because it is where I was raised and where I still live with my family. And I can’t imagine a better place for my kids to grow up. But is also the area that I know to its last corner. And believe me, it will stay in you forever once you visit. It is really no wonder that a famous travel guide, Lonely Planet, recognised Vipava valley as one of the top 10 destinations to visit in 2018. But still, it never gets crowdy. So it is not a coincidence to have it in this Slovenia elopement guide.

The valley is green and charming, the food and wine are of superior quality. A perfect destination for a relaxed and at the same time active visit. You can also check the list of the best venues in Vipava valley I have put together a while ago.

slovenia elopement guide



Elopement and wedding photography packages.

Your wedding or elopement in Slovenia isn’t complete without having the right photographer to capture your adventure of a lifetime. I am sure you will want to have an experienced wedding photographer who is also a local expert. Yes, this is where I come in. I am an award wining wedding and elopement photographer based in Slovenia. Vipava valley to be more precise. I am her to help you go through the whole process of planning your wedding in Slovenia.

My wedding and elopement in Slovenia packeges go from 1200 to 2600€. This is including all the help with finding you a perfect location and sharing my local contacts such as planers, florist, videographers, make up artists and so on. I can help you plan your timeline so you can have the best wedding experience in Slovenia.

Would you like to know more about my packages than i have explains in this Slovenia elopement guide? Or just to get more information on how I work? I would love to have a chat with you. Fill the form bellow and contact me today to chat more about your new adventure.


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