Wedding at Majerija in Vipava Valley

Wedding at Majerija.

Majerija is for sure one of my favourite venues in Slovenia. For it’s charm. The homestead is a traditional Vipava valley house placed just outside of an idyllic village of Slap, among the vineyards. Also for their fine cuisine. They offer traditional dishes with a contemporary touch. The food prepared with natural ingredients follows the seasons. And they serve it in a cosy, traditional environment of an old homestead.

The venue itself got me years ago, so even me and my wife organised our wedding there. When couples are looking for a venue in Vipava valley and want some advice from a perspective of a wedding professional or a local, Majerija is the first on he list.

Having said all the above, I am always thrilled when someone wants me to document their wedding there. It is an honour. Every single time I get the opportunity to work there. Same was with Doris and Ivan.

These two gathered their families and a group of friends and a bunch of dogs. A relaxed group of people cherishing some fine food, good wine and dancing under the stars. The kind of a wedding that you feel like you are a part of it. The kind of a wedding where everything just falls to its place. When even the weather decides to play along. What do you want more than a light breeze on a hot september day?

What I also love about the wedding at Majerija is that you don’t have to go far to have the portraits done. A walk around the venue offers just enough to make a diversity of photos in a short time. But if you wish to spend more time with your photographer, there are a lot of different spots in upper Vipava valley. From abandoned mansions, narrow streets or mountain views. All within a few minutes in a car.

Wedding at Majerija.




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